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The Dralloc Series for Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II:
• Online Multiplayer Addon Levels •
Brought To You By BeefCaike

Welcome to The DDC - Dralloc Download Central

Here are more than 25 years of my life spent creating worlds in the form of virtual reality. An adventure from another time, another world, another solar system. Embark on a mission to escape reality vicariously through the eyes of a Jedi. Here lies an ongoing mission of dreams presented to you through the Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II modulator image transmitting system directly patched into your neo cortex through binary tri-combobulating pixel phase array and dynamic sonic waveform ultramagnetic modulation injection.

The Dralloc Series

The Dralloc Mall 1999 Download Here! Screenshots
The Dralloc Hotel and Casino 1999 Download Here! Screenshots
The Dralloc Arena 2000 Download Here! Screenshots
The Dralloc Deathmatch 2001 Download Here! Screenshots
The Dralloc Sirhc 2002 Download Here! Screenshots
Dralloc Sirhc 2 - Con Krape Canyon 2004 Download Here! Screenshots
Dralloc Sirhc 3 2005 Download Here! Screenshots
Dralloc CTF 2006 Download Here! Screenshots
Dralloc CTF 2 - Hyperbola 2007 Download Here! Screenshots
Dralloc CTF 3 - DrallocX 2008 Download Here! Screenshots
Dralloc CTF 4 - Dralloc Arena CTF 2011 Download Here! Screenshots
Dralloc City 2020 Download Here! Screenshots
Spacestation: Dralloc 2021 Download Here! Screenshots
Other Awesome JK Levels from BeefCaike
Hall of Illusion - Beefy's First Level EVER! 1998 Download Here! Screenshots
BeeeFFF - The BGJ Full Force Remix 2010 Download Here! Screenshots
Blue Bawlz - The One Day FFA! 2014 Download Here! Screenshots
JK Tournament 2.0 2020 Download Here! Screenshots
The Euphorium 2022 Download Here! Screenshots
Saber Island 2023 Download Here! Screenshots

Or, just download The Beefy JK Level Pack HERE!

Beefy Pack

• All Official BeefCaike Released Dralloc Series Levels
• A few other unreleased levels just for Shitz n Giggles

How to Patch JK to work on New Machines


Step 1:
Download the FOV exe Files.
Open the ZIP and pick the EXE file with the corresponding FOV (Field of View) of your choice, and place it in the Main Directory where JK is installed. 90 is the default for JK. Typical 16:9 monitors like 100 to 110, and Ultrawide monitors like 115 to 120.



Step 2:
Download the ddraw.dll files. Required to run JK with a lower DirectX version to enable maximum compatibility with new AMD and NVidia Graphics Cards. Simply put the ddraw.dll file in the main JK Directory. If you make it as far as Step 6, these files will be overwritten at that step.



Step 3:
Download the NOCD patch.
Required to run the updated Jedi Knight executable you downloaded in step 1. Simply put the JK.dll file in the main JK Directory.



Step 4:
Create a Shortcut to JK on your Desktop by navigating to the main JK Directory, and right clicking the desired EXE you chose in Step 1, and then clicking "Send To" and then clicking "Desktop". Go to the new shortcut on your desktop, right click it, and click Properties. Next, in the TARGET area, at the end, insert a space, then type -windowgui and then click OK.



Step 5:
Test JK
Load up JK using the shortcut you've created in Step 4. If JK Starts, you are closer to getting it working correctly. Go to SETUP -> DISPLAY -> ENABLE 3D ACCELERATION, Hit OK twice to get back to the main screen.
Now, go to MULTIPLAYER -> HOST GAME, then double click the TCP/IP option. Now, pick a level and hit OK.


IF: JK Starts and looks good, congrats, you're done! Just open ports on your router and you are ready to start playing online!

IF: JK Starts and looks bad, Move to step 6.

IF: JK doesn't start, and you are using an AMD Graphics Card, Try using the 13.1 DLL FILE for AMD, and place it in the main JK Directory, then repeat Step 5.



Step 6:
If you have successfully started JK and it looks good, the following steps are optional.

Download DGVoodoo v2.42. Open the zip, and move all files to your main JK Directory, overwriting any existing DLL files. Then, run the DGVoodooSetup.exe in your main JK Directory to make any changes if needed. Then proceed back to Step 5.

If JK still doesn't look quite right, you may need a special tweak depending on your system. In this case, please visit the JK Community Discord for help from real people who know how to get this shit working.



JK Links
The "official" community based website for Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and Mysteries of the Sith. Including Level and Mod Archives, Forums, and fancy-pants graphics and php stuff.
Click Here


Annual JK Day!
Every year on October 9, or nearby weekends are a celebration of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II; The Greatest Game Ever Made!
Click Here


The JK Archive
Over the years, there have been many unique sumissions for JK and MotS such as levels, Websites, Hacks, Mods, and much more to various websites around the world. Thanks to some dedicated community members such as LSF_Nickz2000 and Wodz, many of these pieces of JK's past have been stored online for us to enjoy!
Click Here


Jedi Knight CD1
Ripped CD1 and packed it into
an ISO file. You will need WinRAR to open the ISO file. You can also burn this image to a CD to do a fresh install from the CD. 205MB.



Old Community Page
This was a somewhat helpful page for new JK players to configure their router for online multiplayer, as well as basic instructions for installing levels and mods in Jedi Knight Dark Forces II.
Click Here

Sith Acquisition Sector

SM Sith Lord's website that you will probably hate, but it looks so awesome that you can only admire the artistic 20 pieces of flair included in featuring all of Sith's creations for JK over the years. Good luck finding what you are looking for, which was all part of the plan I am sure.

The 420 Union

NOFpuXnk's Home of all of his Jedi Knight levels with a very dedicated style pertaining to weed and everything related to being a skeezy stoner.

L4D2 Canyon Oasis

BeefCaike's premiere Left 4 Dead 2 Survival map based on the Canyon Oasis map that came with Jedi Knight. This survival map features the main basic structure of Canyon Oasis with a few additional areas made for fun in L4D2.

JK Community Discord
The JK Community is located on various servers on Discord. Here is the link to the REAL one! LOL
Click Here


Gord's JK Discord
Another JK Channel on Discord that really like playing Sabers and Chess settings in JK only. Go here if you value bragging about how good you were in 99.
Click Here


Gnarl's JK Discord
So much butthurt amidst the JK community has split the community into factions which has separated many of the active players, and this is yet another Discord server where you can hang out and experience G's racism and hate while sometimes playing JK games.
Click Here


The Massassi Discord
This is yet another Discord community for Jedi Knight and a few other games related to Star Wars. Massassi is one the the oldest and longest lasting JK communities filled with the same ol' weenies from back in the day. Also visit the Massassi Temple for level and mod downloads.
Click Here


Ligma Games Discord
BAH_Strike is another valued JK veteran who specializes in the reverse engineering of Jedi Knight and programming in general. He is currently working on a new engine for Jedi Knight called SMITH. He also plays other games, and has his own dedicated JK channel in Discord.
Click Here

Level Installation and Playing Instructions:

• Click the green "Download Here" button to Download a Level.
You may need WINRAR to open the ZIP files.
• Open the ZIP file containing the Level, or skip to next step if not a ZIP file.
• EXTRACT the GOB File into the EPISODE folder where JK is Installed.
• Run Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
• Choose Player, then hit OK
• Select Multiplayer, then choose to Host or Join a game.
Select Host if you want to play these levels by yourself.
• Choose TCP/IP Connection for DirectPlay, then hit OK.
• Find the level in the list, and set desired game settings, then hit OK.
• Select your desired player, or make a new one if necessary, then hit OK.
• Enjoy! Make sure your buttons are configured the way you like them.



Additional Goodies from BeefCaike

SuperChat - Make JK Chat Larger v1.0 Download Here! Screenshots


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